National Primary Industries RD&E Framework

The NHRN is responsible for the development and implementation of the Horticulture RD&E Strategy under the National Primary Industries RD&E Framework.

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Under the Horticulture Strategy, research agencies nominate to act a major, support or link for particular crops and commit to facilitating RD&E collaboration and coordination for that crop.

NHRN Lead-Support-Link Contact Information [JAN19]

National Horticulture RD&E Strategy

The first National Horticulture RD&E Strategy was developed by the NHRN in 2010.

A revised and updated version will be published in 2019.

Horticulture Research Capability and Investment Analysis

Every 2-3 years, the NHRN undertakes an assessment of the investment and RD&E capability applied to horticultural research. This information supports our role in maintaining research capability under the National Primary Industries RD&E Framework.

Read the Horticulture Capability and Investment Analysis 2015-16